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Caul is an Indian mobile brand, launched in the year 2022. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India. With a commitment of providing high-quality mobile phones to Indian consumers, the company aims to be in top 5 soon.

Mr. Naveen Goel

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Naveen Goel, Founder and Chairman of Shine Group and Caul, is a first generation entrepreneur. Mr. Goel started Shine Group – a distribution house – in 1996, a time when, the then fledgling mobile telephony had just started in India. The growth of this first generation entrepreneur is almost simultaneous to the growth of mobile telephony in India. His is a case, where incubation of experience has let to the growth of a formidable entity.

Mr. Naveen Goel & his organization Shine Group are synonymous with mobile telephony distribution business in India for over 25 years. His distribution house had interests in telecom and consumer durables and slowly grew from strength to strength creating the most diversified mobile phones business portfolio and engaging as National Distributor of Reliance Communications and distributors of Essar, Hutchison, Vodafone, Ericsson, Motorola, Apple, Blackberry, Spice, Intex and LG Mobile Phones in India.

A strong proponent of the Government of India’s Make-in-India initiative, In 2016 Mr. Goel started a full-scale own manufacturing unit of mobile phones, mobile batteries and smart watches in Sonipat Haryana. It is one of India’s first manufacturing companies to have a state-of-the-art fully functioning manufacturing unit at Sonipat.

Today, he has achieved his goal as millions of consumers across all sections of society and age groups in urban and rural India use and enjoy products made from forcefox.

In January 2022, Mr. Goel laid the foundation of Caul at a time when India was fast emerging as the one of the largest markets for mobile handsets and the determining destination for mobile manufacturers of the world. Within 6 months of its launch Caul had emerged as one of the fastest growing mobile phone brands in India. Mr. Goel, as the Founder of Caul, has taken it to a position today where it rubs shoulders with the top national and international telecom distribution houses and mobile handset companies operating in India. Under Mr. Goel’s able leadership, Caul is today one of the leading mobile phone brands in the country and has been at the forefront of ushering in the revolution of Indian mobile phone handset brands challenging the established players in the business.

It is his ingenuity & strong market sense that Caul boasts of one of the fastest & highest rate of model launches in India. Mr. Goel as Founder of Caul has relentlessly worked on establishing Caul amongst top Indian mobile phone brands. Achieving a distribution footprint of over 90% coverage of the districts for Caul a very short span endorses Mr. Goel’s business acumen in mobile telephony.

Mr. Aditya Goel

Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director

Mr. Anshul Goel

Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director

Mr. Anshul Goel, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Caul, is a second generation entrepreneur. Joining his father’s business in 2016, Mr. Goel started his career with distribution business and Manufacturing Unit of Mobiles phones, Smart Watches and Mobile Phone Accessories following the footsteps of his father. There he was responsible for handling the challenging verticals of manufacturing, marketing and salesof mobile phones. While handling the verticals for an enriching 6 years, Mr. Goel understood the nuances of manufacturing, retail & wholesale distribution which helped him further in his close association with many good renowned brands.

His goal is to provide affordably priced products with high quality and excellent consumer service which not only builds people’s trust in the brand but also makes them come back to Caul, wanting for more. He believes that people should be the priority of every business and once brands understands the basic needs of consumers, cracking what suits the best according to the latest scene becomes easy.

It is his forward-looking approach that has helped Caul diversify its range and target group of people in the recent times. Anshul constantly ensures that all processes run smoothly at Caul and that every product is made of superior quality and has the potential of impacting maximum lives with its design, features, usage and durability. His patience, persistence and calm nature keeps the Caul team constantly motivated and on their toes to complete timely operations and his keen interest in research and development guides the teams to create products in sync with the existing needs in the market.

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